How to keep all those different plates from falling…

What will my ‘new normal’ look like?

I’m back! And as the title suggests, it has been a whirlwind couple of months with a lot going on work wise, but also on a personal level too.

It’s always the same, isn’t it? Like London buses? You make a plan and you’re ready to put all your effort into implementing that change in your life, but everything else seems to happen at the same time and you just have to roll with it!

For example, hands up who else thinks it’s a great idea to get a 9 week old puppy at the same time you’ve started a new business, working two other jobs and fitting this all in alongside your partner’s busy schedule?

Yep… that’s ME!

I take a LONG time to make a firm decision on what direction I want to take. But once I have, I tend to want to go full throttle and get the job done. I love the moment, I love the drive, I love taking that leap and working hard to get everything achieved that I set out for myself.

However, I have always struggled with change, another one of the many delightful aspects of living with anxiety! My Dad was very much the same. Initially, everything washes over you and you can handle the new routine, workload, worries, stresses etc. But that “honeymoon period” comes to an end and all the realities hit you at once. And those lovely little voices of doubt creep back in…

“What are you doing?!”

“Why is my work/life balance so hard to maintain? This was supposed to make it all better.”

“Why can’t I cope?”

“Why can’t I get into a routine, and stick to it?”

It’s amazing what your mind can have you believing, and suddenly keeping all those plates spinning starts to seem nearly impossible. For me, the plate that I end up dropping first is the most important, and that is looking after myself and making sure I have ‘me’ time.

WHY?! Why do we do this to ourselves? The reason I fell in love with embroidery was because it allowed me my own space to express myself and to clear my mind.

So therefore, after a tough couple of weeks I was a little quiet on my social media and on the work front. To get myself back on track. I find that making lists (of course!) which include set times of when I get some ‘me’ time planned in is the best and I therefore don’t feel guilty for it.

As the picture in the middle above shows, my ‘me’ time is a relaxing hot bath, a Lush bath bomb and something happy to keep my mind from wandering to those dark places. What’s yours? It’s amazing how something so small or seemingly insignificant can have such a positive impact. So don’t forget it…

You are positively awesome!

And this silly uncertainty due to a positive change I’ve made in my life will disappear and I will find my ‘new normal’ that takes everything in my life into account. My routine will stabilise!

Because who doesn’t struggle day to day? Who can do it all and have it all?

Happiness, ‘me’ time, being a good partner, maintaining a house, spending time with our new puppy, getting out into nature, catch ups with family and friends, healthy eating, rewarding work … and I could go on!

It’s all a game of balance… to keep those plates spinning on!

Much love and see you again at the same time next month.

Made by Miri x

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