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Hello! And welcome to Made by Miri!

My name is Miri Kirby and, like many others, this last year has been a bit of a rollercoaster ride. My wonderful Events Industry that I loved and had worked in for many years came to a standstill.

So, I decided to get creative! I tried all the same activities everyone else did – baking, painting by numbers, jigsaws, sewing, mindfulness colouring books, and much more! I have always LOVED trying all sorts of crafts.

A few months ago I decided to try my hand at doing a couple embroidery hoops – this was to mark the arrival of two new family members. I fell in love with embroidery and that was the start of a new adventure for me – and so Made by Miri was born! I just couldn’t get enough! Ever since then I’ve been drawing new designs, following all the beautiful embroidery related Instagram accounts I can, buying as much equipment as my debit card will allow, and drinking copious amount of tea while embroidering away to my heart’s content.

So keep your eyes peeled on my social media and through my Etsy page for updates on what designs you can get your hands on!

5 Fun Facts about me

Wild Camping at Loch Lomond

1. I love the outdoors

Back in June 2019, I took myself to Scotland for a solo camping trip. A passion that my brother and I both share!

After a night of wild camping at Loch Lomond, I visited the Glenfinnan Viaduct (Harry Potter geek here!) and then prepared for my hike up Ben Nevis.

Despite not being able to see anything from the top due to the fog, rain and snow, it was still by far one of the best experiences of my life!

Sloth Cake

2. I’m a keen baker

My mum is the reason both my sister and I have a knack for baking. The memories of the elaborate birthday cakes as children are still fresh in our minds to this day and we’ll often share photos of what our recent bake has been.

Most recently, I was asked to make a ‘Sloth’ cake for someone’s birthday. Someone’s got to make sure it all tastes good – such a tough job!

My beautiful grey bobble hat!

3. I love a bobble hat

It’s not often you’ll see me without a fluffy bobble hat on. Even in the Summer, if I’m out walking for the day, the hat will make an appearance.

Sadly back in 2019, I lost my favourite grey bobble hat and I was heartbroken! But don’t worry, I soon found myself a beautiful mustard yellow hat instead, and all was right with the world again!

My Dad in Swish of the Curtain
(The Offord PlayerS, 1997)

4. Break a leg!

I have always been involved in the performing arts, one way or another. From a young age I was part of a dance school, youth theatre groups, choirs, the school orchestra and even took part in a couple of am-dram performances in our local village group.

With my Dad being a staple actor for the group and going to watch him for many years, it’s no wonder our whole family fell in love with the theatre and musicals.

Our favourite past time is to play ‘Love Changes Everything’ with Michael Ball and watch my Dad attempt to hit the final note of the song!

Our little Springer Spaniel puppy called Norman

5. DOGS!

Yes, if you ask me if I’m a cat or a dog person, the answer will always be DOG! Of course, I adore all animals but I just can’t get enough of how adorable dogs are. They always seem to know if you need them to comfort you.

I have been around dogs my whole life, and I remember visiting both my auntie’s houses and spending hours playing with their dogs in the garden. I had never owned my own… UNTIL NOW!

Meet Norman, our very own Springer Spaniel puppy! He’s absolutely amazing!

Keep up to date on his progress via my social media pages!

Have any questions?

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